четверг, 10 апреля 2014 г.

One day of the Conference in Tuimazi

You can download all the photos here

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  1. I'm tremendously happy we've taken part in the conference with my dear students. All of us were and still are overwhelmed with joy, excitement and delight! I adore conferences - it's like a breath of fresh air in the middle of daily routine school study. I'm looking forward to the next activity of this kind ...

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    1. There were about twenty and sometimes even more students in each section. The students were not only from schools but also from colleges. So in the section of foreign languages there were 18 school children and one college student. No wonder it was very hard to beat the college student as she is more experienced and fluent at English. That's why Nastya Trofimova was objectively placed the 2nd. Liza was also placed the second, and Roman - the third. By the way, each section had one first, two second and three third places.

  3. I glad you visited this conference! It must be great, I think. I wish you take part in it every year!!!

    1. I wish you took part in this and other ones, my dear! If only I had a chance to take you with us to Moscow! I'll miss you very much, my dear Dashulenka!!!


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