понедельник, 21 апреля 2014 г.

London 2012 Olympics

Enjoy watching this highly inspirational and motivational olympic video.
Why was it made?  
What does it make you feel like?
What emotions does it evoke inside you?
How can this video help you even if you are not an athlete?
You can read the lyrics here

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  1. For me it is very touching video. These people are doing something impossible and supernatural! After watching this video I realized that probably in life, nothing is impossible and you ,no matter what, should achieve your goals and don't retreat. I never thought that these people really devoted their lives to sport, work on themselves and strengthen fortitude.This video really inspired me, because I have never seen such great people!

  2. Oh, it's great video! I like it very much! It's extremely touching. There are so much happiness, experiences, expectations, hopes and disappointment, so much cheer of a long-expected victory! This video nearly made me dropped a tear. It realy inspires us for athletics. I think everyone like it, becaus it carry us a bunch of positive emotions!!!

  3. It is awesome video!!! When I watched this video, I was feeling shivering on my leather.And it teach us don't give up!

  4. Cool video! Here shown how sportsmens achieve their victories because long trainings and mighty will.


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